A dog who requires constant attention. She entices people to approach her and pet her… (video)

Alison Agerrebere of California went for her usual morning jog. Agerrebere noticed a small white dog on the sidewalk ahead of her. She was concerned because the dog was not on a leash. 

“The dog appeared befuddled. “I decided to take the initiative and figure out what happened,” Agerrebere told The Dodo. 

She approached, and a sign near the dog caught her attention: “My name is Harper.” I live here and enjoy pretending to be lost. Just come to a halt and stroke me.” 

Agerrebere realized the little dog had merely duped her. 

Agerrebere squatted and stroked the sly canine. After about 25 minutes, the dog’s owner emerged and, unsurprisingly, asked, “Did you fall for it too? Harper requires constant attention from others. She never even enters the house. She enjoys being in the yard and luring people in with her sweet and pathetic appearance.” 

Anyone who sees Harper will feel sorry for her and approach her. The dog is very cunning and uses her dexterity to draw people to her. Everyone should love, caress, and stroke her.

“I fell in love with this little liar and couldn’t take my eyes off her for an hour. She rolled over on her back and started playing with me as soon as I started petting her,” Agerrebere explained. 



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The 3-year-old dog’s owners have grown accustomed to her demeanor, and they occasionally go out to check on her…


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