A dog will not leave his injured friend until they are both rescued…

Betty Walter received a call from a friend one day about a dog that had been hit by a car. Walter had prior experience rescuing dogs, so a friend recommended her. But she was at work and had told her friend what to do in such situations. Walter had been thinking about the dog all day. Walter and her friend, who had informed her about the dog, went to the location where the dog had been hit. 

There was still the dog. Though the animal was not alone; another dog guarded the injured one. 

Walter made the decision to go outside and approach the dogs. The dog, later named Allen, approached them and attempted to protect his injured friend, Betty White. 

“We needed to reassure Allen that we were here to assist him. What a brave man he was in defending Betty. ” Walter told The Dodo that two adults did not frighten the brave defender.”

They were successful in approaching Betty and bringing her into the car. Allen chased her down and jumped into the car. 

Walter was well aware that finding adoptive parents for two adult dogs in Houston would be difficult, if not impossible. And Walter didn’t want to split them up. 

Betty had a broken pelvis and needed surgery. Betty was placed in the care of a foster family following the operation. Allen waited for his girlfriend to recover and come back to him. 

Betty returned to Allen a few weeks later. She was still frail and in need of care. 

Walter admired these dogs’ friendship. When his girlfriend was hit by a car, Allen did not abandon her. He shielded her from harm and continues to look after her. 

Walter is looking for a loving family who is willing to adopt both of them.

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