A fearless 45-year-old woman wears 12,000 bees instead of clothes and shocks everybody on the internet

The 45-year-old Sarah Mapelli Tink shot to fame online because of her pictures. Many folks were taken aback by the beauty. 12000 bees, not the attire seen in the images.

What drives Sarah to act the way she does? It appears odd and uncomfortable. Sarah thinks bees have a longer lifespan and can cure wounds. In 2001, Sarah attracted a stunning amount of attention.

She claims that she can take use of the special energy that the bees generate. The bees assist Sarah in relaxing and engaging in meditation.

Sarah has transformed her regular meditation sessions into an exhibition for the general public. She uses an oil that draws insects before each performance as she dances in front of a crowd.

Sarah dance in smooth, leisurely motions to the music. She says she meditates and dances.

According to her, each and every spectator receives special energy, and as a consequence, everyone leaves the event feeling elevated and satisfied.

The live performance of Sarah in “Dance with the Bees” has drawn curiosity from hundreds of people worldwide.

Sarah seems to be covering her upper body, but the bees are clinging to her so firmly. Many people consider this to be art, and it has caught their attention. It feels insurmountable.

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