A fisherman captured on camera how a massive eagle devoured the shark he had caught (video)

A man caught a shark. He abruptly became aware of movement in the sky but paid it no mind. 

A huge eagle seized the shark and carried it away a split second later. Everything that happened could be seen on video by an eyewitness. 

Even though they fished all day, the catch was extremely meager. Chad asked his friend to look when he pulled a medium-sized shark out of the water in the evening. The eagle suddenly materialized out of thin air. 

Since it had been circling them the entire time, the bird had been patiently waiting for that moment. 

It started devouring the prey right away. He had no apprehensions about the fishermen. 

They merely captured everything on camera. 

Take a look at how a bird drew a shark out of the water. 

The thief was recognized by the local ornithologists, and it turned out that this was not its first theft.


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