A girl with “silver eyes” whose adoption was rejected is the subject of this story! (video)

Primrose was a girl who was born in China. Her eyes have the purity of the silver. Congenital glaucoma, a rare illness that can cause severe and irreversible vision loss, affected the infant. Right after the baby’s birth, her mother wrote a rejection from her. So, a few years later, the infant was taken to the shelter. 

Primrose wished that one day she would be picked up and showered with genuine parental affection. She was in search of someone who would accept her just the way she was. She waited, but nothing miraculously happened! 

Erin and Chris Austin, a married couple from the Georgian village of Braselton, had a happy family. What more could one want for happiness if they didn’t have their own home and two adorable children? But one day as she was perusing her Facebook account, the woman abruptly noticed a picture of Primrose… 

“When I first saw the baby’s picture, I had an internal upheaval. This is my child, I suddenly realized,” Erin later recalled. 

The Austins made the decision to adopt the child. The adoption procedure was completed and the girl was formally adopted by the Austin family a few months later. To be able to adopt the girl, the family had to travel via the USA, Georgia, China, and all nine circles of bureaucratic hell. 

After adopting the child a year later, the parents decided to express their thoughts publicly: “We believe that her blindness is not a problem. People frequently apologize after learning she is blind. I then respond, “Why?” Her adopted father Chris adds, “She is our child, and we love her just the way she is.” 

However, things did not proceed as planned. Primrose started having terrible eye pain eight months ago. She wouldn’t eat and sobbed for sixteen hours every day. In one eye, Primrose has increased pressure and a detached retina, while the other eye has decreased, according to the results of the examinations. 

The girl’s eyes were removed after doctors made the agonizing decision. The adoptive parents found it challenging to accept this, but it was entirely accurate. 

Fortunately, the procedure went well. Two days after the procedure, she smiled for the first time in months. It was a miracle. Primrose will receive custom-made eye implants. 

The fact that she comes from a caring and supportive family is crucial! We hope they can assist her in getting well quickly.


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