A good samaritan rescued 2 orphaned kittens, who turned out to be a little different from other cats

They love life and enjoy it with their foster mother.

Two abandoned kittens were discovered by a nice guy, who decided to take them because it was clear that they required treatment right away. Following that, he began to look after them. He made the decision to bring them to Baby Kitten Rescue when he saw they weren’t quite like other cats and could use the help. Both of their front paws were gone on one of them, and part of one of its toes was missing.

They were quite different from one another but equally incredibly bold and tenacious. They also suffered from various health issues. They were in a bad state on the day they got there. One of the kittens was eventually found to have meningocele and hydrocephalus, but he was still too young to have surgery, so they had to wait until he was a year old.

He now has a bandage on his head as a result, but that just makes him cuter. His small size makes him appear sillier and cuter when he has a bandage on his head. Also, several generous individuals made the infant a unique helmet to cover his head while he ran and played.

Despite all of these issues, they don’t seem to understand how unique they are. Nothing can stop them from living the life they love and enjoying it with their foster mother. The finest days are yet ahead of us.

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