A grandmother from the United Kingdom assumed the role of good Santa and gathered 500 toys for children and the homeless

The New Year and Christmas seasons are full of wonders and presents. Fran Clark, an elderly woman from the United Kingdom, has collected and packaged 500 gift boxes with her own hands, which will be sent to children’s and homeless shelters. She aspired to delight individuals who needed love and care the most.

Fran Clark, 80, gathered 500 presents for children and the homeless.

Fran began working as a caring Santa four years ago, after moving to a nursing facility. Grandmother felt lonely and could not find something to do. One day, she saw an ad in a church magazine asking for help for those in need. That’s when Fran came up with the idea for a Christmas project.

She put useful things, nice little things and sweets in them.

Grandmother was supported by relatives and friends, and the administration of the nursing home allocated a separate room where Fran can store and pack gifts. For such a good cause, the local shoe store provided the old woman with the required number of boxes, which she took in small batches throughout the year. Each gift cost the kind old lady about 5 pounds. For adults, she prepared clothes, dominoes, hygiene products, and a deck of cards, and for children, toys, books, stationery, and, of course, sweets.

Fran uses her savings to buy most of her gifts, but she also accepts charitable donations. Throughout the year, she slowly picks up the right things and wraps the boxes in beautiful holiday paper. Sometimes other residents of the nursing home drop into her workshop and offer their help. It turned out that a good deed unites and attracts others. This time she managed to collect 500 gifts! Fran says that she gets incredible pleasure from the whole process and no longer feels lonely, she simply does not have time for this. After the holidays, she will take a short break, and then she will again take up her work as a good Santa. Perhaps soon she will assemble a large team, and next year she will be able to make even more people happy!

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