A group of brave dolphins rushed to help the mother whale and her baby save them from male whales (video)

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent, and this has been demonstrated several times.

Watching them interact and play with other dolphins is quite fascinating.

In spite of everything else, their relationship with humans is more fascinating.

There was an occurrence recently that most certainly merits our attention.

These dolphins demonstrated their empathy towards other species and willingness to assist them if necessary.

The courageous dolphins knew they had to act swiftly when they saw a mother whale and her calf being assaulted by males.

When a bunch of big whales suddenly rushed at them swiftly, the mother whale was swimming with her young.

The problem is that male whales would even kill young to mate with a mother.

However, she recognized that it would not last long and was prepared to do whatever it took to safeguard her kid.

All hope gradually vanished, and it looked that nothing could save them either, until all of a sudden, a pod of dolphins materialized.

In order to stop the males from approaching the mother and her young, they swam toward them and surrounded them.

The dolphins did all in their power to protect the weary mother and her young; several of them even bared their fangs to the whales to frighten them.

The guys of the Whale Watch ship saw all of this and were awestruck by it all.

That moment was amazing in every way. The mother and her child were barely saved that day by the courageous dolphins.

They were joined by the lovely dolphins till they eventually swam away.

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