A guy with a good heart gave his t-shirt to a dog that was shivering from the cold (video)

Fernando just felt sympathy for the homeless cold dog and shared his clothes with her.

Fernando Gabriel, who lives in Sao Paulo, was walking through a metro station with his brother Felipe when he suddenly noticed a stray dog. The yard dog lay on the floor of the platform and was literally shaking from the cold. Felipe stopped and right in front of the surprised Gabriel began to undress. First, he took off his sweatshirt, and then his t-shirt. The guy returned the sweatshirt to himself, but with a T-shirt, he acted differently: he put this thing on a trembling mongrel.

Gabriel later said that everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly that he did not understand the meaning at first. Passers-by did not understand the essence of what was happening. But when the eyewitnesses realized why Felipe was undressing, they stopped and began to shoot this unusual picture on their phones. One of the videos, with the consent of the Brazilian himself, who suddenly became the main character, was published on the Internet and appeared on YouTube.

The guy in an interview admitted that he was not ready for such attention and did not expect that someone would notice him. He just felt sympathy for the stray cold dog and shared his clothes with her. By the way, the donated T-shirt was a favorite, but Felipe jokingly noted that it suits the dog much more.

After some time, the two brothers again went to the subway station, where they saw a mongrel. They decided to adopt the dog, but, unfortunately, they did not find him in the same place. Felipe regrets that he didn’t do more for the dog the day he saw her. But, probably, later the brothers will still be able to find the mongrel. In addition, Felipe is sure that although one person cannot change the whole world, he is quite capable of helping his neighbor. And for many, a guy’s act can become an example and inspiration, and that’s great!

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