A heartwarming story of redemption: mother fox returns for her baby

On April 6, one American family’s morning in the little hamlet of Arlington began with a persistent squeak.

After further investigation, it was discovered that the sounds were caused by a fox cub that had landed up on their site by itself.

In Virginia, the family is known as the Arlington Animal Welfare League; typically, professionals from the League are only active in the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals in distress. People thought that a healthy animal would not approach a person with such a pitiful squeak.

However, the employees declined to remove the infant since he was full and appeared to be in good health. Yes, and it was unsafe to touch him since the mother couldn’t tell the cub smelled like a guy. It was decided to place the puppy in a basket so that the fox mother could pick it up herself. The family began to wait, concerned about the destiny of the crumbs.

Not in vain, either! The specialists were successful, and the woman returned at night to get her baby. Animal Welfare published this cute rescue tale on its various social media platforms.

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