A homeless man is taking care of 30 stray dogs that reside in an empty lot

Your kindness and big heart are truly admirable!

This man’s love is more valuable than money, showing that money isn’t everything all the time. Being poor does not prevent a person from becoming empathic. A kind-hearted guy named Oleg presently cares for 30 stray pets.

Oleg started off with just three dogs, but because of unchecked breeding, he now has 30 canines living with him on an empty property. Despite the difficult living circumstances, Oleg works hard to meet the dogs’ needs.

His kindness won the hearts of many, inspiring the Love Furry Friends animal rescue organization to give the dog food and help Oleg build a more secure existence. They also assisted Oleg’s family, including his three kids, in locating a secure home.

The mother dogs are also spayed in order to reduce the number of puppies born. Julie has visual issues and Tima has a fish injury, but despite their less-than-ideal health, they receive rapid medical care and will soon find a loving home.

Oleg doesn’t mind the dogs at all, despite the fact that other people could see them as a burden.

This man is a real hero to these dogs and has a heart of gold! I appreciate you being so kind, and I want the best for you.

Oleg is a lesson in love, generosity, and compassion for all of us. God bless him and all of his adorable furry children. He doesn’t have anything, yet he still understands how to love them.

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