A kind man saves a starving pup alone on a deserted island and brings him home

Wesley could not even imagine how the doggie had ended up on the deserted island, but he knew he had to assist the animal.

When Wesley noticed this sad animal, he was out at sea off the coast of Belize. When he discovered a malnourished puppy, he was shocked. While the dog was quite tiny, he was very friendly. He shouted for assistance, but no one responded.

Wesley had no idea how the puppy had wound there on the isolated island, but he was determined to save it.

But, not everything was simple. Wesley only had 36 hours in Belize, so he was unsure if he would be able to locate the aid the dog required.

Humans immediately assisted him when he arrived at the hotel. They offered food and drink, and the bartender dispatched a doctor.

Wesley took Winston, who was now his rescuer, to the vet to be inspected, but there was a problem: Winston could only be there for a very little period of time.

The veterinarian, Mia, kept Wesley informed on all the developments with Winston on a daily basis.

After much searching, loving foster mother Melanie eventually adopted Winston and over the course of two months, she kept the guy informed on the dog’s development. It was eventually time for Wesley to travel to Dallas.

Wesley was required to drive from Montana to Dallas in the middle of January, thus their meeting was in a way a layoff.

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