A kind volunteer warmly welcomed the 7 little pups, who cannot be separated from each other even after growing up

Amy and her pups were saved, and they were then put in a foster home.

Amy and her seven children were warmly embraced by Di Mari, who helped them feel secure as one large happy family.

To ensure that her puppies felt secure and safe, Amy was there for them at all times.

Amy formerly resided with a family that neglected to give her the required care and take her to the veterinarian.

So they decided to ask for assistance when the dog was pregnant.

After spending a lot of time with them, Marie discovered that every one of the large, loving families of dogs is exceptional and has a very distinct personality. Marie was one of those people who immediately reached out to take care of them.

They engage in their favorite pastime, sleeping together, for most of the day.

To make the puppies more comfortable as they grew, Marie decided to add another box, but strangely, the puppies didn’t protest at all and continued to sleep in one crate.

Even if they have grown to a size that is three times their original, they still prefer to sleep compressed.

At 10 weeks old, the pups must, unfortunately, leave Marie’s house to join their forever family, but they all have a bright future ahead of them.

Marie has taken all the necessary steps to make sure the adorable puppies make ideal family pets.

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