A kindhearted guy adopts a kitten from a shelter, and the cat soon becomes his forever friend

Don’t you think they should be together?

You’ll be convinced after reading this story that a cat and a human might fall in love right away! A man named Lucas watched after and safeguarded a cat.

The cat showed its appreciation. He now feels as though he is saying goodbye to his savior every time he offers him a hug.
He and his sister were removed from the shelter by us.

They dated back three months. While I was looking for milk, this red pretzel started to come up to me virtually every minute.

Melon has been with his human father ever since they first met.

He keeps stomping on me, getting stronger in front of me, trying to fit in. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Melon is happiest when he is snuggling with his partner Lucas.

When Lucas returns home, he immediately envelops Melon. They are interdependent! Lucas enjoys having his favorite cat pet him in the morning.

Melon hugs himself as though it were the last time each time. Lucas is such a kind man. Don’t you think they should be together?

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