A lady has lost nearly 40 years of her life and recalls herself as an 18-year-old teenager

In a parking lot, a 56-year-old lady passed out. She doesn’t remember anything from the previous 40 years when she wakes up.

Harris, Kim Denicola awoke with the last thing she recalled being 1980 and her age of 18.

She is unfamiliar with her husband and children. The most difficult thing to accept is the death of one’s parents.

Denicola was diagnosed with transitory global amnesia, and physicians predicted that her memories would not return.

“I contacted my spouse and told him I had a severe headache. He advised me not to drive and instead to arrange for someone to drive me. Then I went unconscious.”

Despite speaking about her incident, she has no recollection of it. When the woman awoke, she assumed she had just graduated from high school.

Doctors still don’t know what caused the memory loss despite several scans and investigations.

” When I awoke, the nurse inquired, “Do you know what year it is?” “Yes, ma’am, it’s 1980,” I said.

Despite her difficulties, she remains enthusiastic about the future. A woman benefits much from her family’s support.

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