A lollipop is hidden amid the many ice cream cones in this image. Can you locate it?

We welcome you to take a break from work and solve the puzzle photos of cartoonist Gergely Dudas, often known as Dudolf!

Inspired by the famous “Where’s Wally?” British artist Martin Handford, he creates his own versions of puzzle pictures, confusing people around the globe.

Today we offer to break your head and you! If you can’t find the object you are looking for in some pictures, then look for the answers at the end of the post! We wish you good luck in your search!

 1. In this picture with snow-white seals, the artist has hidden marshmallows. 

2. Find a rabbit with large ears among the cats with high tails:

3. A lollipop is hiding amid the ice cream cones in this image. Find?

4. A soccer ball was concealed among the pandas. Locate it!

5. This one is for the most wide-eyed! Find the hiding frog among the leaves!

6. Look for a heart among the elephants and butterflies in this image!

7. Pete, the young sorcerer, had his house ghost vanished. Is he tucked away amid the rabbits?

8. Can you find the mystical wand hidden among the candies?

9. You must find a star in this Halloween-themed artwork!


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