A man accidentally found a couple of hundred rolls of toilet paper at home and became the Robin Hood of our time, giving it to those in need

In modern times, many people are captured by the modern “gold” fever – toilet fever. Millions of crown stalkers roam the shops in search of a jewel – toilet paper. But a certain Australian named Michael Girgis was incredibly lucky – in the house of his late father, a man found a true treasure in the form of hundreds of rolls of toilet paper. It would seem that a man could get rich on this, but he decided to go in a completely different, noble way.

Michael Girgis from Sydney, like millions of other people, was quarantined.

In order not to waste time in vain, the man decided to sort out the pantry in the house of his late father.

And although the father of the man, Sobhi Girgis, who came to Australia from Egypt, had already died 10 years ago, Michael’s hands still did not reach the analysis of things.

During the general cleaning, Michael discovered a real treasure – 270 rolls of toilet paper.

All paper treasure dates from the 80s and 90s of production.

Michael thought he’d hit the jackpot when he discovered the paper.

Now in Australia there is a mass panic in connection with the pandemic, so the shelves of stores are rapidly emptying.

Therefore, the man, without hesitation, decided to distribute all this wealth for free.

On his Facebook page, he posted the news about what he found in the pantry.

Michael turned to people, offering to write to those who urgently need his help.

But there were so many messages that the man realized that there wasn’t enough for everyone.

Before sharing the find with compatriots, Michael first of all took part of the paper to charities and nursing homes.

The remaining rolls Michael divided.

To avoid a “fight”, he gave the paper to those who managed to pick it up faster.

So to say first come, first serve!

It’s nice to see that against the backdrop of total panic, heroes like Michael appear and share their reserves with other people absolutely disinterestedly. Although, it would seem that now a man could literally enrich himself. Be kind and take care of yourself!

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