A man dug a tunnel every night in secret from his wife for 15 years

Spouses are not always completely sincere with each other. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity, for example, as in the story with which the new text of feiky.net will introduce you. For more than 15 years, this man has been digging a tunnel in secret from his soulmate. Let’s figure out why he did such strange things.

For 15 years, a man named Patsy Kerr dug a tunnel almost every night. He skillfully quietly slipped out of bed, so his wife did not notice anything suspicious for many years.

“The wife falls asleep only with sleeping pills and does not hear anything all night. It’s just ridiculous, but I worked and worked, once I even brought a puncher, ”he admitted in an interview.

It should be noted that Patsy led a completely normal life during the day, he worked as a plumber in the Irish city of Omagh. No one thought that this family man would take it into his head to dig a tunnel from his bedroom to the nearest pub!

The work was already almost completed when Kerr’s secret was revealed. The fact is that his wife stopped taking sleeping pills before going to bed and once noticed the strange actions of her husband.

She saw that he was hiding in a secret hole, which is located directly behind their closet. She was afraid to follow Patsy, but in the morning she met him right at the exit of the tunnel. The man had no choice but to confess to secret construction.

Unfortunately for the bar lover, the tunnel had to be dug back. For almost 15 years he worked in vain. All due to the fact that the uncoordinated design affected the tiles in the city, and local authorities were already beginning to wonder what was underground affecting the condition of the roads.

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