A man in his thirties has many demands on his future wife, which is why he did not marry

Mega strong Arbab Heather Khayat compiled a whole list of qualities that his future life partner must have. Many heavyweights are well aware of the said Pakistani.

The height of the super strongman is about two meters, but the Pakistani weighs as much as 400 kilograms!

The unusual person had the pseudonym Khan Baba, in addition, the strong man is often called the Pakistani Hulk. Arbab Heather Hayat showed several times how much he can move and even lift ground vehicles (once he even lifted a tractor!) The record of a Pakistani is five tons, which he lifted in Japan.

We don’t know whether all this is true or fiction, but it’s easy to find a video on the Internet where a man effortlessly lifts a heavy barbell. The Pakistani dreams of winning the World Armwrestling Championship.

However, the strong man was repeatedly distracted from his personal affairs by his parents, telling him that it was time to find a wife and have children.

Over the past few years, an unusual man has been looking for a bride. The demanding strongman has already noticed a lot of girls and decided to hold a bride. The athlete said that the chosen one must be strong, and weigh at least 100 kg so that she can endure his body.

It cannot be said that the Pakistani is not an aesthete. Arbab Heather Khayat believes that a girl should be 190 cm tall.

The athlete said that the girl should be able to cook, so the chosen one will have to stand at the stove for a long time. The athlete has breakfast, to put it mildly, quite densely: 30 eggs, four chickens, and 3 kg. natural meat. In addition, every day he drinks five liters of milk.

A Pakistani needs to consume about 10,000 calories. However, the athlete’s menu is far from monotonous: he loves to pamper himself with various delicacies.

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