A man with Down syndrome sacrificed his life to save two girls who were drowning in the water.

Every decent person has a natural instinct to help others in times of need.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect environment, which is why many individuals freeze in times of crisis or respond too late to achieve a favorable end.

Valerio Catoya, a young Italian guy with Down syndrome, has no difficulty with this.

He was recently commended for putting his life in danger to save a child drowning in the sea. He is properly acclaimed as a hero.

Valerio has always enjoyed swimming. He even competed in the Olympics after improving his talents.

Valerio and his father enjoyed a fantastic sunny day and the freshness of the water on the beach in Sabaudia, located in the region of Lazio, Italy.

Everything was tranquil for one second, then they heard pleas for aid from two sisters, one aged 14 and the other only ten. They were swept out to sea by a strong tide.

Valerio didn’t pause for a second. Instead, he dove into the sea with his father and sped to the rescue. He quickly approached his younger sister and executed the rescue move he had taught in class.

He dragged the girl to the shore while keeping her head above water. In the meanwhile, his father did the same to his elder sister.

When they arrived at the beach, lifeguards took control of the situation. Valerio became a famous hero overnight, and he was featured in more than one newspaper and magazine!

He didn’t pause for a second before running to the rescue of the two sisters who were in severe need of his assistance.

He deserves all of the adulations, and it’s no surprise that many consider him a hero.

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