A massive barrel-shaped jellyfish was recently sighted in the waters around Falmouth, Cornwall (video)

You never know when or where you might come across strange creatures in the depths of the ocean, which is a mysterious environment. A large jellyfish and a person recently came together in an odd incident close to Cornwall, England’s shore. 

Lizzie Daly, a researcher, encountered this hitherto unseen organism while diving beneath the surface of the water. This human-sized jellyfish had a barrel-like form. The biggest jellyfish are those of this kind. 

“It is well known that these jellyfish can grow to this big, but Daily told CBS News that learning about aquatic creatures is one thing; actually encountering them is quite another.

Incredible! To complete the project for #WildOceanWeek, our underwater squad dove in Falmouth yesterday. You won’t believe it, but after wading into the sea, we came across a peculiar jellyfish that was enormous. This variety of jellyfish is known as a barrel jellyfish, the diver noted on Twitter. 


Dan Abbott, a marine photographer, caught the jellyfish on video while Lizzy was underwater with him. Lizzy acknowledged that she had no idea what to expect going into the journey. 

The undersea environment is demonstrated at WildOceanWeek. Divers who plunge under the ocean make every effort to capture as much of this world’s atmosphere as they can. Divers occasionally have to swim alongside sharks and encounter a variety of odd species.


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