A modest cat came to the threshold of the family asking for help

A Los Angeles family recently spotted this stray cat in a nearby park. Every time they went there, the kitty was there watching from afar. However, she was very shy and would not let anyone near her.

The family (mother and two children) greeted the cat every time in the park, but as soon as they tried to approach it, it ran away. But one day the cat miraculously plucked up courage. When the family went home from the park, the cat followed them.

The cat followed them all the way to the house. Then the family fed her and left the water, for which the guest was very grateful. The children gave her the name Snowy for her beautiful white fur. From that day on, Snowy was a regular guest at the family’s court.

Soon the cat became kinder to people, began to come closer, and even allowed itself to be stroked. The family could not keep the animal but decided to help the cat. The owner of the house contacted Baby Kitten Rescue, and they agreed to adopt the cat.

The veterinarians determined that Snowy was about six months old. It turns out that some residents have already tried to find her owners, but no one showed up. Later, one of the volunteers of the shelter took the cat to him for overexposure.

Snowy turned out to be a very sweet, affectionate, and grateful kitty. She loved to lie on her guardian’s lap for a long time and purr loudly. Now they are looking for owners for her – and we are sure that this beauty will find the best home!

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