A mother moose assists her baby in crossing the road in this adorable video

Steve Muise, from Alberta, Canada, was accustomed to seeing mooses emerge from the woods. But last week, he witnessed something that simply stole his heart. 

Mewes and his wife Lalaine were on their way home when they noticed a newly-born mother moose with a newborn baby standing on the side of the road. 

They came to a complete stop in front of the tiny baby. As the little calf followed his mother across the road, his fur was slick and his legs trembled. 

The Mewes was just watching and filming this adorable scene. They also warned oncoming motorists to slow down and give way to the baby. “Not many people have seen such young moose,” Steve Mewes explained. “I believe he was born only a few hours ago.” 


Mewes returned home with a wonderful reminder of how special the bond between mother and baby may be in the animal kingdom after the moose family crossed the road. Mothers, whether human or animal, remain mothers…

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