A newborn squirrel was discovered in one of New York’s flats

She went into loving hands and is currently the happiest!

A woman in New York discovered a bundle of branches on her bed that included baby squirrels. She did not lose her head and immediately turned to the girl Christina Reis, who since 2008 has been rehabilitating orphaned baby squirrels.

Christina and her husband Michael proceeded to care for the infants, but only one of the baby squirrels survived, which the pair called Thumbelina. Michael and Christina had reared the baby and had grown so attached to her that they couldn’t bear the thought of releasing her into the wild.

Thumbelina has become a full-fledged member of the family, and the couple even calls her their child. Thumbelina loves to sleep with her owners and also wears cute hats.

Sometimes she is mischievous, chewing on wires and trying to get into the refrigerator. Thumbelina was very lucky because she fell into caring hands and now she is the happiest!

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