“A Night to Remember”: Robert Downey Jr.’s Heartfelt Oscars Moment

Robert Downey Jr. had a special moment after winning his first Oscar.

He won Best Supporting Actor at the 96th Academy Awards for his role in “Oppenheimer.” He said it felt like his wedding night with his wife, Susan Downey.

They both felt overwhelmed by the excitement of the night, but they made sure to connect with each other. Downey compared it to two dinosaurs touching heads.

He joked during his speech, thanking his wife and jokingly calling her his veterinarian. He also thanked his family, director Christopher Nolan, and his co-stars.

Before the Oscars, Downey and his wife were nervous but supported each other. They prepared for the event together, with Downey focusing on creating a calm atmosphere.

He joked about his meticulous process of setting up the hotel room before the event. They even used sage and incense to make the room smell nice.

Downey enjoyed working on “Oppenheimer” and valued the bond he formed with the cast. His co-star Emily Blunt expressed gratitude for their close-knit group during the film’s journey.

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