A passer-by guy saved the dog by giving him artificial respiration right on the beach

Australian Sarah Harrison once walked with her pet Jack along the beach. The dog without a leash ran and played with other dogs. Suddenly, Sarah noticed that Jack was walking toward her and seemed to be reeling. “Then he fell and became flat as a pancake,” Harrison recalls that day with horror.

She didn’t know what to do. It seemed to Sarah that her pet had just died in front of her eyes. At this time, another dog walker came to the rescue. A young man walking with his husky ran up to Sarah and Jack.

He began to do artificial respiration on the dog and rhythmically press on his chest. Within seconds, Harrison’s pet began to breathe. He opened his eyes and coughed a little. Jack was alive and well.

The name of the dog’s rescuer is Daniel Michi. He is not a veterinarian. I just once saw a program where they showed a similar technique for the resuscitation of animals. “I put the dog down and squeezed her mouth. Then he made a funnel with his hand, breathed air into her nose, and began to press on her chest. Luckily, Daniel was able to bring Jack back to life.

According to veterinarian Mark Reeve, cases of dogs being resuscitated happen frequently. But such a case, which happened with the dog Harrison, is unique. Reeve says the best resuscitation practice is mouth-to-nose. But “mouth to mouth” does not always work and depends on the size of the dog.

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