A professional swimmer has clearly shown that it is almost impossible to get out from under the ice (video)

The recent tragedy, where during the baptism in Oredezh, a Petersburger was carried away by the current, prompted a young athlete and professional swimmer, Boris Oravets, to upload a video of an under-ice swim. The man decided on a dangerous experiment to demonstrate that even for a professional, swimming in an unequipped hole can end tragically. Feiky.net clarifies that Oravec also won the world bandy championship four times, and is engaged in Crossfit (a type of endurance training), as well as ice cross – downhill on an ice chute on skates.

According to researchers, swimming in ice water is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases. Even a short cold shower causes vasospasm, followed by a sharp expansion. A healthy person is recommended to accustom the body to a low temperature gradually.

Before swimming into the hole, Boris got used to the cold for some time and, having just prepared himself, dived under the ice.

The athlete had to overcome a distance of several meters, from one hole to the second. Even the tight-fitting diving goggles didn’t save him from disorientation in the water. Literally, at the very exit to the ice, he deviated slightly and could not find the “window”.

The state of panic is transmitted not only to the swimmer’s team but also to the audience. The transparent ice sheet allows Oravec’s aides to see below the surface. They try to navigate his route and get his attention by tapping on the ice and even trying to break it. The air supply in the lungs of a trained young man also does not last long.



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Judging by the video, if it were not for the safety cable that the athlete secured before diving, the experiment could well have ended in tragedy. Boris himself was convinced that even his professional training and skills were not enough to get out from under the ice on his own.

Therefore, we strongly recommend not to experiment with swimming in an ice hole in places not equipped for this, because such a dive can end tragically.

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