A protective dog is similar to a really loving mother (video)

There is a dog in Nebraska that no parent can equal in terms of duty and caring for a child. 

In search of peace and quiet. 

Berkeley, a Bernese Sinnenhund, was adopted by the Millers before their daughter was born. Eleni’s parents were hesitant to allow the dog near her since they weren’t sure if he would like her. They quickly learned, however, that their anxieties were unwarranted. A large dog with powerful paws approached infant Eleni and immediately became kind and attentive as if he were dealing with his child. 

Furthermore, when Kristin and Joe installed a baby monitor, they saw that the girl’s night rest was the most worried and devoted pet alongside them. Every night, he entered the nursery and checked the crib to make sure everything was in order. 

Eleni is just two years old. The child was overjoyed when her parents told her how well the animal treats her. Eleni is firmly under his shadow.


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