A puppy born with six legs and two tails was rejected by his mother, but he did not give up on life (video)

She is a happy and healthy puppy.

There are still a lot of people in our world who were born with unforeseen birth abnormalities. Others are hated because of their quirks, while some are treasured and embraced. The same is true for animals. One instance of such a situation is Skipper. The unique dog born with six legs and two tails was rejected by her mother.

The Aussie/Collie mix and her eight siblings were all naturally born on February 16 in Oklahoma. Skipper’s situation was a little different from that of her sisters and siblings, who were all completely healthy and normal. The little kitty was sent to Neel Veterinary Hospital for better medical care because her mother had also abandoned her. Considering Skipper to be the first of her kind to have survived, people often refer to her as a “miracle.”

“Skipper, a miracle, is this.” Literally. She has lasted longer than we believe any other canine with her combination of congenital issues (at just 4 days old – published literature does not demonstrate one has been born alive),” the hospital wrote on Facebook.

What then had happened to have Skipper act in such a peculiar and odd manner? The veterinarians at the hospital determined that although one egg in the cat mother’s womb looked to be likely to divide into twins, the process did not entirely occur, and the unusual dog was the result.

Thanks to her own willpower and the right medical attention, Skipper has overcome her circumstances and is still alive. From her waist down, the youngster likewise has duplicate organs, yet they are still functioning.

Right now, Skipper is surrounded by love and has a lot of people praying for her. Skipper’s carers have assured those who are still worried about her health that she “is a happy and healthy puppy.” She doesn’t appear to be hurt and isn’t expected to be. Therefore, it is clear that we have nothing to worry about, at least for the time being.

Neel Veterinary Hospital said on Facebook that they “do not intend to put her down because there is no evidence she is in pain or will be.” with regards to her future. The vets hope Skipper lives a wealthy and contented life, but they have no idea what the future brings, so they are “expecting a voyage.”

For people to track Skipper’s development, the hospital created a Facebook page, which has amassed more than 55 thousand followers so far.

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