A puppy with scotch tape on its muzzle thrown under the bridge was accidentally saved by a not indifferent passerby

Thanks to some miracle, a guardian angel was sent from above to the dog!

Bob Holter, who lives in Indiana, decided to walk one evening in January to a store that was a good distance from home. In fact, a man always goes there by car, but this evening for some reason he wanted to do exactly this way 3 km on foot.

Crossing a small bridge, Holter heard a squeak coming from below. The man went downstairs and turned on the flashlight. Suddenly, in a beam of light, he noticed a trembling puppy with a muzzle tied with tape. Bob was shocked by such sophisticated cruelty and realized that the dog must be rescued urgently.

He took him to the nearest veterinary clinic. When the doctors removed the tape, they saw red marks on the puppy’s skin. The baby appeared to be four months old and showed a severe degree of exhaustion, it seems that he was in this state for several days.

They also found one broken leg of the dog, it can be seen that he was thrown down from the bridge. The entire medical staff sympathized with the poor girl who was treated so cruelly. The doctor of the clinic wrote on Facebook that for the first time in his huge long-term practice he faced such atrocity. Many users responded to the message, and one married couple decided to take the long-suffering dog for themselves. After the baby fully recovered, he went to live in a new spacious house, where he is now recovering from the horror he experienced.

Thanks to some miracle, a guardian angel in the person of Holter was sent from above to the dog, who saved him. By the way, Louis (that was the name of the baby) immediately recognized Bob when he came to visit him.

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