A ranger carries a 200-pound young elephant across the forest on his shoulders in an effort to preserve its life (video)

People are capable of making unselfish sacrifices for needy animals. A notable example is the forest ranger who carried a newborn elephant to safety while saving its life. On the internet, his photographs quickly gained popularity. 

After a night shift, 28-year-old ranger Palanichamy Sarathkumar was on his way home when he received word that an animal was blocking a road. The elephant was guided to the woods by him and his coworkers. But moments later he understood the cause of its sorrow. 

He then saw a young elephant stranded in a ditch. It was unable to walk because it was too frail. The man accomplished the unthinkable. To get it to safety, he lifted and carried it.

Everyone was amazed to see him be able to raise such a huge animal because it weighed more than he did. 

The nice man was unable to abandon the bewildered and defenseless being by himself. Everything took place on the spur of the moment. 

The 186-pound man helped the 220-pound calf get to safety and rejoin its mother. 


According to Ranger, the four of them initially carried it. 

But since she was still close by, there remained a chance of being attacked, he continued. So I made the decision to cross the road with the calf by myself.


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