A rescue dog that was feeling down had no one to play with until a rat came along

They have such a close relationship that Osiris even allows Riff to crawl into his mouth and clean his teeth for him!

Despite their significant size disparities, the relationship between Riff the Rat and Osiris, a Dutch Shepherd, seems to only exist in this cartoon. Their contrasts were what drew them together!

Riff Rat was saved from certain death when he was just four weeks old. In addition to being rescued after being left in a parking lot, Osiris also assisted Riff Rat in his recovery.

Osiris’ stay with his family was originally only intended to be temporary, but they fell in love with him and chose to keep him permanently!

Osiris embraced Riff and tried his best to make him feel at home, swiftly allaying the family’s initial worries about whether the two would get along. He consistently makes an effort to welcome new members!

Osiris regularly enables Riff Rat to brush his teeth in his mouth since they are so close!

This is incredibly adorable, but some people worry that Osiris could unintentionally eat Riff. They have never encountered a dog as compassionate as Osiris, who has nurtured and cared for countless of creatures.

So that will never happen! There are so many teachings for us humans in the way we look out for one another and form such an unexpected relationships!

It’s wonderful to see them become such close friends; it doesn’t happen often.

I’m really happy they’ve bonded so well. This is very sweet and unanticipated!

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