A rescued orphan bear knows how to have fun during the winter months rather than hibernating (video)

During the winter, many bears naturally sleep a lot, but Randy appears to have missed this chance to stay warm this time. 

Instead of sleeping, he preferred to make the most of the cold and snow. 

Randy feels as though he is in a fairy tale because he has planned a fantastic day for himself. 

On such a beautiful day, clearly not at all interested in sleeping. 

With that thick coat of fur, he probably feels very at ease rolling around in the snow and making his own version of the well-known snow angels. 

He sits up after having fun and shakes his fur like a dog. But right away he changes his mind and dives back into the snow. 

He is so funny. He seems to be a prime example of how to live life to the fullest… 

A facility called the Wildlife Orphan Sanctuary was established with the purpose of rescuing orphaned young animals and reintroducing them to the wild. 

They are especially attentive to animals that have never known maternal warmth and love. 

The volunteers here do everything in their power to prevent the animals from feeling abandoned, despite the fact that their mothers cannot be replaced. 

Randy is a sweet bear who, as you can see, has found his way to a happy life. He is one of their many bears. 

What a blessing it is that such admirable organizations are making unceasing efforts to save these animals and if at all possible, return them to the wild.


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