A retired K9 dog collided with her ex-cop partner! What an emotional scene! (video)

K9 dogs are incredible animals that provide invaluable assistance to law enforcement. These dogs are devoted to their handlers and the officers with whom they collaborate. 

As a result, this video shows how emotionally charged dogs can be. The animal appears to be crying after being reunited with its partner for the first time in years. On a Chinese social media site, the Sichuan Police Department shared this touching video. According to the Daily Star, Wangwang, an 8-year-old German Shepherd, worked as a sniffer dog in the department until June 2019, when he retired. 

Despite receiving excellent care, the dog missed his previous life and human companion. And Wangwang was overjoyed when the officer decided to pay her a visit. 

As the officer strokes Wangwan, she appears to be crying with delight. 

Retired K9 dogs usually live with their officers. The Sichuan police, on the other hand, believe that officers do not have the time to care for pets and that they should be cared for by families. 

These two former partners are clearly very close and attached to each other based on their emotions. We can assure you that this is not the last time they will meet! They will be able to meet on occasion and reflect on their years of collaboration!


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