A security camera captured the moment two stray dogs met the woman who was caring for them! (video)

A camera installed at the entrance to an office building in Georgia recently captured something unusual. 

A large number of homeless dogs live in front of the office building. They picked this location for a reason. One of the employees has been looking after them for several years. 

“I don’t just feed the dogs; I make friends with them, which is far more important,” Tabatadze told The Dodo. 

The camera captured the moment Tabatadze arrived at work. The dogs greeted their new friend with joy and enthusiasm.

Tabatadze is extremely close to her dogs. And these images demonstrate it. It is priceless to have friends who are eagerly anticipating your arrival. Tabatadze is inspired by the joy and loyalty of dogs. 


And security cameras can sometimes capture such adorable moments!

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