A small fox cub accidentally got stuck in a manhole cover

In the morning, teachers and staff arrived at the secondary school. People immediately saw that there was someone on the territory who needed human help. There was a garbage can next to the school with a little fox stuck in the lid. He could not get out, so he looked incredibly embarrassed in the presence of strangers crowding around him. Someone quickly contacted the rescuers to come and rescue the animal.

Of course, the kid was frightened by what was happening. When rescuers arrived to help him, he was even more frightened.

One of the rescuers named Eduan hoped that he would be able to free the animal from the trap fairly quickly and easily, but realized that this was impossible. It seemed that even the cheeks interfered with pulling the fox out of the trap.

Eduan decided that the animal should be carefully cut out of the lid of the garbage can. With one hand, he protected the animal from the blade, and with the other, he cut a slit, through which he then took out the animal.

After the rescue, the baby was taken to the vet to make sure everything was fine with him. As soon as the doctor said that the fox cub was in perfect order, he was released.

Teachers and staff working at the school were happy to see that the baby confidently went straight to the den with the rest of the foxes. It was clear that he knew exactly where he was going.

It’s good that everything ended well.

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