A sorrowful message was placed in a bed with a homeless cat

The house’s residents saw this abandoned cat at the front door. Someone abandoned her and wrote a message begging for assistance. It was only after lifting the cat’s blanket that one woman realized that she was not alone.

Residents of a house in Texas, USA, saw this cat near the entrance. Someone had left her on the couch, covering her with a blanket, and there was a note on the wall above her. Apparently, the one who left the cat could no longer take care of her.

“Please help us!!!” – said in a note.

A resident named Kayla immediately decided to help the cat, but only when she lifted the blanket, she saw that there were three tiny newborn kittens under it. But that was not all – it turns out that mommy was still in labor.

The woman helped the mother cat with the kittens, and immediately contacted the Coastal Bend Rescue Center, which took the cat. By that time, the cat had already given birth to four babies. Fortunately, they were all healthy.

Overexposure was quickly found for the cat family – they were taken in by a female volunteer of the shelter. The mother cat was given the name BonBon, and they began to help her with offspring. She clearly felt much more comfortable and confident in her new temporary home.

“The kittens are growing very fast. And Bonbon is a great mother, and now they are all enjoying life in foster care together. The babies are already starting to play with each other, but their favorite pastime is, of course, eating,” says Kayla.

Bonbon constantly monitors his children and does not take his eyes off them. In addition, she is a very grateful and affectionate cat and often asks for affection from her guardian. When the Bonbon kittens are old enough, she will find loving homes for them as well as herself. Thanks for the rescue!

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