A stray cat brings all her kittens to meet the woman who assisted her

Lisianne once discovered a black cat in her backyard. The stray cat was living in a colony near her house. The lady assumed the cat was hungry and offered her food and water. 

Since then, the lady has fed her on occasion and even given her the name Usagi. Usagi’s trust in Lisianne grew stronger as their bond grew stronger. 

After a while, the lady noticed that the cat’s belly was expanding. Usagi returned every day to eat after giving birth to her kittens. 

Usagi brought her kittens to meet Lisianne a few weeks later. She circled until all six of her kittens were lined up on Lisianne’s porch. They were identical to their mother. 

Lisianne, as usual, decided to help her beloved cat and her family. 

She contacted Chatons Orohelins Montréal and informed them of the situation. Usagi was kept, and her friend adopted a kitten. 

The remaining 5 kittens were cared for by the rescue group. It turned out that the kittens had conjunctivitis and needed to be treated by a veterinarian. They began to heal and became more at ease around other people in a short period of time. The kittens were ready to find foster homes after they had recovered and adapted. 

It was Lisianne who provided Usagi and her children with the necessary change.

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