A stray cat met a man in a cafe and declared him to be her father!

Basil Aquan usually spent his evenings in Kuwait working on his laptop at a local cafe. He and his girlfriend drank coffee while working and having fun. Two cats also liked to hang out there. 

Who could say no to soft chairs and a pleasant atmosphere? 

“We see them a lot in this cafe. They approach us for refreshments and affection. They wait for us every day at our place because they are regulars at this cafe,” Aquan told The Dodo. 

The couple even gave one of the cats the name Sophie. She is a friendly and affectionate cat. Sophie has grown particularly fond of Aquan, and she has begun to follow him and jump into his car whenever he allows it. The cat’s behavior moved Aquan, who decided to adopt her. And to avoid offending anyone, his girlfriend took the second cat. 

Sophie has been living in Aquan’s house for four months, and the bond between the owner and the pet is growing stronger by the day. He frequently buys her gifts and observes Sophie’s delight at the sight of each new toy. 

“Having such unconditional love and knowing that a joyful cutie is waiting for me at home is priceless,” Aquan said.

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