A stray dog ​​walked into a bachelor party and changed the lives of eight people

Severe-looking men can be no less caring than women.

Mitchell Craddock went on a picnic with his friends. The men set up a barbecue, after which they began to fry the meat on the coals. Suddenly, an emaciated, completely shabby dog ​​appeared from the forest. She did not pay the slightest attention to the piece of meat that someone threw her, but instead, as if calling people to the forest.

The men decided to see what was the matter, and reached the pit, at the bottom of which seven puppies were squeaking. They were completely smeared with mud, which seemed to have eaten into their fur.

Friends immediately pulled out the puppies and took them with their mother from the forest. The animals were thoroughly washed, dried, and fed heartily. Each of the eight men adopted a puppy. The mother of the puppies herself was not left without a master.

All friends live close to each other. They see each other daily while walking their pets, so the puppies “keep in touch with each other.”

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