A stray mother dog broke her leg, desperately fighting to save her cubs

Hoping someone will rescue her and her children.

After having her legs broken, a mother stray dog valiantly battled to preserve her pups, demonstrating great courage to protect them.

While she waited for help, a stray mother dog was [br.ok.en] attempting to save her puppies from starving. This [po.or] mother was found by Ahmed Abdelhamid near Mustafa Kamel Street in Egypt. She was in bad condition.

Her legs were [br.ok.en], her back was [in.ju.red], and her teeth were [br.ok.en]. She has 10 puppies, but 6 of them have already [d.i.e.d], so she is scrambling to get food to keep the other four alive. Ahmed Abdelhamid supplies the mother and puppies with milk, food, and water each day.

While he lacks all he needs, he makes an effort to assist them. He was unable to rescue all of them, but he tried, and this is what we must do. It’s really awful to watch this.

In the name of Jesus, I implore the LORD to send this [po.or] mom and her babies some dog-loving assistance. Godspeed and many blessings. May the Lord grant you financial blessings so that you can continue to assist these creatures and others.

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