A stray puppy wandered onto the naval base and met his “human father” (video)

The fate of homeless animals differs: some are adopted by families and begin a new carefree life, while others remain on the streets in search of daily life. 

Today we’ll tell you about a little dog who happened to be in the right place at the right time. He wandered into an overseas US naval base as a six-month-old puppy. The commander of the Navy noticed him and realized right away that the puppy would not survive in this dangerous environment. 


He remembered their motto at that moment: “Who came alive, he leaves alive.”The commander took the puppy and decided that he had to survive against all odds. 

Griffin was the name given to the puppy. He quickly became the soldiers’ favorite. After a long day’s work, the griffin entertained tired soldiers with his amusing antics. 


Griffin rose to prominence in the United States Navy. The commander was regarded as Griffin’s official owner. The puppy was literally on the commander’s tail. 

The commander decided to enlist the assistance of the company “Paws of War.” This organization focused its efforts on soldiers and their adopted animals who needed to be returned to their families in the United States. 


The prices for these services are not cheap. The average cost ranges from $3,500 to $7,500, depending on the medical quarantine and location. 


The commander from Maryland, who preferred anonymity, decided to send the Griffin to his family – his wife and children – where he would be more comfortable and safe. 


Because this organization is a non-profit, they use their website to reach out to their followers and volunteers who want to help by donating. The transfer of the pet is done at the expense of the money collected. So far, over 40 people have donated between $10 and $100 to reunite Griffin with the Commander’s family.


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