A street cat wandered into the zoo in search of food and became friends with a lynx

Is it possible to be friends with both domestic and wild animals? 

Yes, the answer is yes! And if the animals are of the same species, they will quickly develop a common language. 

Once upon a time, a hungry cat roamed the streets of St. Petersburg in search of food. 

It turned out to be one of the most fortunate days of her life. 

She discovered not only food but also large chunks of the beef carcass in the trash. 

The stray cat got into the zoo’s lynx cage. Despite the fact that the cat is of the same species as the lynx, she is an uninvited guest.

Surprisingly, the lynx did not attack the cat that was stealing her food. Maybe she knew how difficult it was for the cat to constantly search for food in the trash and be hungry.

They became best friends, and the cat now pays frequent visits to the lynx, who shares her food with her hungry friend. 

They eat almost every meal together. 

Because it is cold outside, the cat leans toward her friend after eating. The cat licks her fur in appreciation. 

Zoo employees noticed the lynx’s little friends and put out more food so that the lawful owner of the food would not go hungry as well.

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