A sweet dog that went missing 5 years ago has finally been reunited with his beloved family

Their beloved dog, for whom they had cried so much, was in their arms again.

The director of one of the animal shelters, Tannya Ohanian, recently got a call about a dog, and when she first heard about it, she assumed the puppy was just a stray dog.

However, she found it difficult to comprehend that this dog had been separated from his family and had spent the previous five years outside, greatly missing them.

The unfortunate puppy made every effort to go back home but was unsuccessful. Staff members securely scanned him when he arrived at the shelter to look for a microchip, but what they discovered was not yet current.

However, it appeared quickly that good fortune had favored the innocent youngster. A few days later, the group known as Microchip Hunters was able to uncover more thorough details on the dog’s background. It truly was a miracle.

They succeeded in learning that the pup was not just a typical stray; instead, he was named Dottie and had a family that he had lost five years prior.

As soon as possible, they called the loving dog’s folks to share the wonderful news. For them, it was a major shock. So many years later…

They really missed their dog. It was just an incredible feeling.

Even though they entered, it was clear that the dog would know them despite their continued uncertainty. He was unable to forget his family and was well aware of them.

Everyone started sobbing because it was such an emotional time for them all.

They were once more holding their cherished canine, for whom they had shed many tears.

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