A task with an asterisk that will not give in to those who skipped math

The funny thing is our memory. So quickly things disappear from it that, it would seem, should have lingered there forever. For example, school knowledge. So much so that now try to find an adult who can even simple examples without a calculator. Have you forgotten the simplest rules of arithmetic? Will you be able to master four examples designed for ordinary schoolchildren?

Simple examples

1. Let’s start with the simplest: 30: 1/2 + 10 =?

2. And now it’s the other way around: 20 – 10 * 1/2 =?

3. Will a long example that looks rather complicated stop you? 2 * 0 * 11 + 20 * 11 – 201 * 1 = ?

4. And one more long and, it seems, very confusing example: 6 * 6 / 6 * 6 / 6 * 6 / 6 * 6 = ?


1. If you remember the rule that division by a fraction is a multiplication, then the example will not cause difficulties. It will be easier to represent it as 30 * 2 + 10 = 70.

2. And the opposite situation to what was in the first example, the action with a fraction must be done vice versa. We get 20 – 10 / 2 = 15.

3. And here the main thing is not to make a mistake in the order of actions, but you can immediately notice a couple of points that will simplify the decision. It’s zero and one. Therefore, we can reduce the example to 0 + 220 – 201 = 19.

4. In theory, of course, you can do all the actions in turn. But there is an easier way – to count the number of characters. Here we have 4 multiplications and three divisions, which means that it is enough to multiply the six only once. So the correct answer is 36.

Even if these simple examples cause difficulties, it is still worth looking through school textbooks a little. Yes, today there are calculators and other gadgets, but even they may not always be at hand. Yes, and the brain will never be superfluous to stretch a little.

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