A ten-year-old kid lives alone, works, and attends school

Dang Van Khuen, a young man, lives alone and supports his family. 

Every day, this boy works in the fields, planting vegetables to feed himself. Despite this, Dang goes to school and finishes his studies. He then comes home and resumes his job.

 While his mother died when he was a child, he moved in with his father and grandmother. Dad then went to work and sent them money. Dang heard a few days later that his father had perished in a work accident after his grandma died.

When the boy’s teacher learned of his difficult situation, he set about raising funds to bury his relatives. The father also contacted the local authorities about his student’s situation. They attempted to place Dang in an orphanage, but he was turned down; he also refuses to be adopted; the child prefers to live at home with his parents and claims to be capable of handling things on his own. 

Dang received countless congratulations and words of appreciation for his bravery and tenacity when the teacher blogged about his life on social media. A lot of people want to offer him money. People want to adopt him because they believe he will still choose to give up some of his independence – after all, he is still a teenager who deserves a regular life.

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