A terrified and sad pup who has been kept in a small cage for 2 years now has a deformed body

This is Landis, the dog whose owners would not allow him to escape his cage for a two-year period. The unfortunate animal’s physique was distorted since he was unable to grow normally while being imprisoned in such a cage.

Fortunately, he was taken in by a shelter in Georgia, and they wanted to help him in any way they could. They believed they could help this boy’s body. Thankfully, Landis received the outstanding care he required.

While it was a shelter, this environment was heaven for him, so they summoned a rescue team to provide more assistance. To New York, Landis was sent.

The youngster received a variety of treatments and a long-term medical treatment to straighten his physique out. Landis never gave up hope despite leading such a challenging and tough life, and he continued to crave attention from everyone he encountered.

I’m delighted to report that she has now been adopted by a wonderful, caring family and enjoys every day of her life.

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