A touching meeting of a dog with his owners, who were forced to leave because of a tornado

Bruce and Oni Dunlap are great pet lovers who live in the US state of Arkansas. They have four cats and two dogs. One morning, an excited neighbor approached them and told them that a hurricane was coming to their city. They didn’t know anything because the electricity in the house had gone out since the evening and they hadn’t heard the news so they didn’t have time to prepare for the evacuation. The family managed to help a disabled neighbor down to the basement, which was equipped for such a situation. They couldn’t find the cat, and the dog refused to leave the house at all. With a heavy heart, they had to leave the dog and cat and trust fate.

After everything was over, they were able to come out of hiding. The roof of Bruce and Oni’s house was blown off, and other outbuildings were damaged, but Dalnepy was not worried about this. They ran to look for their four-legged friends as soon as possible. Their happiness knew no bounds when they saw how the muzzle of their pet looked from under the rubble of the roof. It was an incredibly emotional meeting. The owners apologized to the dog for leaving without it, and a few minutes later the cat appeared. Fortunately, the animals were not harmed.

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