A veterinarian agreed to euthanize a dog born without front legs (video)

Fate turned out to be quite unkind to Nubby, a pit bull dog. He was born with only one front leg. The puppy’s mother embraced him, but his brothers and sisters wouldn’t let him go to his mother’s breast.

The veterinarian looked at the baby with pity and offered to euthanize him so that he would not suffer. But the spouses Lou and Mark Robertson, the owners of Nubby, decided to let him live and do everything so that the dog does not feel flawed.

The Robertsons started bottle feeding Nubby. So that the baby was never alone, the husband and wife alternately kept watching next to him. The dog grew up and began to gain weight.

The little pit bull was able to open his eyes and recognize smells. He even tried to bark. But then Nubby began to sneeze frequently, blisters began to inflate from his nose, and there were problems with the stool.

An x-ray showed that he had problems with his esophagus. The baby was placed in an incubator. Every day he only got worse. Nubby fought for his life. He remained in critical condition for several weeks. However, he was able to recover and return home.

Three years have passed. The pit bull grew up to be a cheerful and kind dog. Of course, every movement is given to him with difficulty. He may fall, but the caring hands of Lou and Mark will always help him. In addition, the Robertsons bought a special stroller for Nubby, which replaces his front paws. He uses it when he gets very tired.

Despite the difficulties, this pit bull leads a full existence. Despite this, his owners were able to give him a regular existence. It’s fantastic that Lou and Mark didn’t dare to put Nubby to sleep.

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