A villager erected a 10-story mansion with 80 rooms on six trees

You may confidently state that this man got taken away. After all, the American Horace Burgess built what was maybe the world’s biggest birdhouse. Apart from birds, it is the only place where humans may dwell safely.

He started building in 1993 with the intention of making a little cabin, but it grew out to be practically a skyscraper! The most fascinating aspect is that Horace built the house himself, without the assistance of any builders or architects. He designed the design himself and immediately got to work. He used old barn wood, building detritus, and bits from abandoned houses as his material. Good neighbors began to exchange materials over time.

Imagine having a basketball court (!) and even a chapel in your backyard. A penthouse is located on the top floor. There are several stairwells, hallways, terraces, balconies, and loggias, as well as various secret chambers.

True, the fire inspectorate did not approve this structure and, as a result of the lack of safety precautions, it was not permitted to live there. Horace, on the other hand, continues to live in it. The man is ecstatic about his creation.

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